1. I'm Puzzled

From the recording Becoming a Deader Man


You're a very interesting girl
With an appearance most entrancing
First you say you like me
Then you say you don't
A truly complex girl
Made up of a million
Interconnecting pieces
I'm puzzled
I'm puzzled
I'm puzzled
You are a puzzle

You wanted me to walk you to your car
And I did standing there like an idiot
As some other boy asked you to the prom
Feeling sad and out of place
I start to walk away
Then you turn to me and say
"Hey, aren't you coming out to lunch with us"
I look you in the face
And I'm puzzled I'm puzzled
What's that empty space
In the middle of your face
I'm puzzled I'm puzzled
I must be missing a very important piece
Cause I'm puzzled I'm puzzled
You are a puzzle

You saw a photograph of me one summer
And you told me that you missed me
And you wanted to see me
A few days went by and you didn't miss
Me no more, you didn't wanna see me
I'm puzzled
I'm puzzled
I'm puzzled

I often reminisce through old messages
Aside from the memories
They're all I have left
I'm puzzled
I'm puzzled
You are a puzzle
That I just can't solve

I can't overcome my limitations
Built up frustrations
Bursting from within
I bash my skull onto the pavement
And it shatters, in fragments
My skull scattered across the street
I try to pieces back together
But I can't the damn pieces
Just don't fit I'm puzzled
I can't rest in pieces
Knowing you're still out there
I'm Puzzled I'm Puzzled

I am a puzzled that will never be complete
Without a girl like you
That's you, that's you
We can be a puzzle together
Joining forces
Becoming one
A beautiful happy ending after picture

Please become my final piece
To this puzzle of life
Let me have you
Let me use you
Let me put you in your place
I want you there all the time
In my puzzle
It will bring me joy
It will bring me love
It will stop my hurt
I need you to complete this stupid fucking puzzle
I'm puzzled, I'm puzzled......