From the recording Becoming a Deader Man


My life was in a rut
Unsure of my role
I was living in the flesh
I was lacking in the soul
Blending in with all the rest
Had no reason to leave my bed
I might as well be dead
Then one God-given day
An angel came to me
She rose me from the grave
I was born again
I was converted then

You're the reason I'm religious
Cause seeing is believing
You're a holy epiphany
One that I'm now perceiving

We sure did play around
Too bad it had to end
Now I wear this constant frown
I think I just lost my best friend
Suddenly you were gone
Is this a punishment
Did I do something wrong
Have I broken your commandments
Three years seems awful long
Are you testing my faith
It feels a little odd
A disciple without his God

You're the reason I'm religious
I feel heaven when I'm with you
And it felt as great
As the good book said it would

You're an unaware apostle
You've shown me religion
Your body is the gospel
Winning you back is my mission
But it seems near impossible
You're marrying that guy
I'm praying for a miracle
Why couldn't he be me

You're the reason I'm religious
I ate the body of Christ
And she was delicious
Bread thinly sliced