From the recording Cinester


I am pale and you are tan
I am thin and you are thick
You're a saint an I am sick
Should I be more like you
Or should you be more like me
I hear all these fucking people

Some say that we're not meant
For one another
Some say we ought to find
Different lovers
Well fuck them all cause I know I love her
And I want her blood and soon she'll want mine

I'm ready for my transfiguration(x3)
Five, four, three, two, one

No longer one of God's stupid creations
Ever since I met you
But Baby where the hell have you been
I want to be part of your life
So please invite me in

I'm gettin' the feelin' that you
Never wanna see me again
Are we really done

Here comes the rising sun
Any minute I'll be dust
Babygirl it sure was fun
You truly were the only one