1. Sawyer Style

From the recording Cinester: Volume 1


Pretty little thing
Walkin' down the street
Toss her in the back of my van
Take her home to eat
She looks young and tight
And I want her tonight
I have an appetite
For sluts who strut their shit
All around town
Oh I know they're askin' for it
Hang her up on a rusted hook
And I grab my saw
Contemplating how I'd like to slaughter
Quick, clean and easy
Cattle gun hole through the brain
Or slow, sick and painful
Hammer in her skull
Sawyer Style

Human meat is the only meat
That I will eat
Cause I'm a cannibal
I don't fuck with animals
She finds it troublin'
when my tummy is a rumblin'
So hungry I could eat a whore
I'm a junkie for gore
I keep on coming back for more
The knowledge of anatomy
Runs in the family
We use human skin as tapestry
Building furniture from your limbs
It's in our nature
You call it vulgar and vile
we call it
Sawyer Style

Never been comfortable
In my skin
So I wear the flesh
Of a lovely busty woman
Slide on a little red dress
Top it off with lipstick, blush and mascara
Suddenly all stress and cares
Flush away cause I'm feelin great
As I look in the mirror
I crack a smile
Cause I see a pretty woman
That's Sawyer Style