1. Shallow Roots

From the recording Shallow Roots


Tears hydrate my soil
Strengthen my roots
Solidify my soul
My thoughts to you
Seem falsified and incoherent
But even if romanticized
They're pure in spirit...

Nononono no no make those thoughts go away
I won't listen I'm on the right path
I just gotta sort things out
I just gotta think about
Why I stand where I stand
Why I cry when I cry
Why I love who I love
Why I am what I am
Nuisance of a man
In a never ending line
I'm tryna plot a plan
But I'm running out of time
She tells me we're not a plant just a weed
God tells me I can't have what I need
So I cut and I burn till I bleed
And I toss and I turn cause the seed
In my mind keeps me up all night
Roots start to latch on the fissures in my brain
Filling it with whispers of pain...